Company Profile
Costar is a professional manufacturer in hydraulic industry. Costar has mainly supplied high quality honed tubes and hard chrome bars of hydraulic / pneumatic application for various industrial segments since 1992. With the view of increasing demand for automation and lightweight day by day, Costar continually develops higher mechanical properties and quality solution related with high pressure tools and equipments to meet any kinds of special requirements from different networks. Our products are distributed worldwide owing to dependable performance and forceful customer trust, though shipping could take longer delivery.
Costar first started the business from Nantou plant in 1992, and then respectively set up the head office in the central of Taipei City and another two factories in Tainan and Taipei in following few years in order to satisfy the demand of prompt delivery and improve production efficiency. The latest plant was completed in Tainan in 2012 which owns the newest exclusive honing machines made by our R&D. Not only the production capability has been increased, but also the ability of large / giant manufacturing has been strengthened with this new factory completion.
In order to serve the customers of ASEAN and expand the overseas market, Costar set up Thailand factory in Chonburi, Thailand. Based on “Taiwan Brand, localize in Thailand”, Costar devoted to offering high quality honed tube and hard chrome bar and adopting advanced machining process to enhance the quality of hydraulic cylinder in Thailand.

Communication,Knowledge Exchange,International Trade

For long term business development, Costar has vertically integrated our supply chain, production technology and product development in response to trends of globalization. We, therefore, aim to provide more valuable products, service and professional information. In recent years, Costar business has expanded in many countries worldwide. With the business growing, Costar has continuingly consolidated the relationship with various overseas suppliers with a greater focus on the synergistic capabilities to build a great communications network of knowledge and technology exchanging. Costar also constantly reviews the feedback from clients and improves the product performance.
Enterprise Culture
Costar staffs work as a strong team under the effort of our core leadership team to achieve the excellent performance of products and services based on professional technology. Furthermore, Costar pursues a continuing win-win situation into a bright future with our customers by constant development and innovation.
Under the impact of globalization, Costar has driven a thought of sustainable development in our management in many years ago. We not only take a responsibility for operating and finance, but also for society and environment. One step ahead other local business, the complete systems in HSE & CSR are accordingly operated in our firm.
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